Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ehsan Mani has announced that Pakistan will be in Pakistan according to the 8-match schedule of the Super League. According to the details, the first phase of PSS to be held in Pakistan is 8 in the second round of the UAE. Regarding the regular start of March 7 to Karachi and Lahore, due to the ongoing tension between Pakistan and India, the PSL-F match in Pakistan was uncertain, after which the PCB Dubai In the press conference, it has clearly stated that according to the schedule of PSL in Pakistan And they will come to the Pakistan foreign player schedule.

Ehsan Mani further said that everyone has a consensus that the League is in Pakistan, we are grateful to the Franchise owners that they have given us the plan to make this intent possible. Keeping Pakistan on air strike The Russian-made Mig 21 killed and the pilot arrested by the Pak Army. The arrested pilot was injured, which was given medical assistance.


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