Indian Army’s decision to make the company Vajpayee branch called information. During recent stress, due to India’s self-sufficient news, India had to face jaggery throughout the world, so India has decided that it will also establish an institutionalized ISPR organization.

According to details, during the tension of the Pakistan Peoples attack, during the tension of India, the Indian media was broadcasting false news and failed to provide any evidence, which caused India to suffer and criticize the world, while ISPR in Pakistan Chief of the Army Major General Asif Ghafoor kept the public aware through press conference and Twitter on every occasion and also showed proof of everything through the media through the media.

After all these issues, when all the three Indian forces headed in front of the media, they could not answer or provide any evidence because they did not have any training in this regard, therefore India has decided that in the army Information will be made by the name of Warfare, an institution which will track the public and media in the situation of war, will control false news and inform the public through its performance.


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