India did not get rid of its violent madness. In the village of Nikal Sector, the Indian Army again reopened. According to the details, the Indian army fired at Lucknow village of Nikal Sector. According to locals, two houses were destroyed by Indian shelling but no casualties were reported. It is clear that even after the mouth-breaking response from Pakistan, India’s warrior is moving forward.

India was given a patriarch yesterday morning. On February 27, 2019, then the day of Judgment proved to be the Indian Army. The Indian Air Force’s two-fighter plane and a helicopter was destroyed, which resulted in killing 8 Indian officers all over, while an Indian pilot was arrested by Pakistan and became a prisoner.

India has repeatedly offered talks to India on the last day, but the Indian government has demonstrated its religious hatred and senselessness, threatening the lives of the people of both countries and armed to attack Pakistan. Gave the army a waiver.


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