If India tried to intervene in Pakistan, Pakistan announced to be the head of India, after which India was given the first patriarch for the last day in which the Pak Army crashed two Indian planes and an Indian pilot Detained. India also smashed the snake after the breakthrough of Pakistan.

The army’s enthusiasm and the ability of the army have also threatened Indian soldiers. The video of an Indian soldier on social media is going viral, which has threatened the Pak Army to give its message to the government. In this video, the Indian military said that our young men are dying. If we have war, we too will die, our base is a thousand, we will die but those who sit in the offices, who have five lakhs of rupees, why will not they die? Why do not Indian army officers go ahead? Pakistan hit our army so much but no one was saved.

Club memo is also present in Pakistan, if they kill him, no one will be saved. Our people go to Pakistan by being a spy, if caught, our government refuses to accept that it is not our people. Are there Our salaries are only 20,000, what will happen to our family if we die? Who will we marry our sisters for free? Who will protect the honor of our mother sisters, there are so many people in the country, who will save their respect.

Our wives chop the children’s ruler’s house. Who will pay a pension if we die? Our country’s youth read so much but no one comes in politics. Even if politicians take money, why should we die? We work for money from which our home runs. When the war occurs, first of all, the army head goes ahead but there is nothing like this, here only we will die.


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