In India, doctors have taken a person’s diameter of 1.5 inches long 116 nails.

According to the International News Agency, 43-year-old Rajasthan, a resident of Rajasthan, was admitted to the hospital on May 12, in a stomach on a stomach ache, doctors recommended an ultrasound, which was in the patient’s high nail in the patient’s nerve. Revealed to happen

The miscreants were killed during the last three days, while the miscellaneous 116 nails were taken in length, and the length was 30 inches. Miraculously, these people did not harm the patient’s digestion and now it is fast health.
The patient says he does not know how to get nutrition so much, but the doctor’s position is that it is the result of nutritional disorders and mental illness, the disease is called acuphagia in which the patient swallows nasty things. Adds to


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