Shoaib Malik and Mohammad Hafeez with there wives while Harris Sohail avoided traveling in team bus to London.

3 players of the national team refused to go to London with the team for the next match, Shoaib Malik and Mohammad Hafeez with his baggage while Harris Sohail avoided the tour of Pakistan for a bus in London. According to the details, the national cricket team has left for London. The national cricket team will play matches in London against South Africa on June 23.
The National Cricket Team departed from Manchester to London on Monday. Team players departed from London bus simultaneously. However, 3 players failed to go to London with the team. Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Hafeez, and Harris Sohail team did not leave buses to London. Shoaib Malik and Mohammad Hafeez left their bags separately for London.

While Harris Sohail left for London alone. While the private TV channel report has claimed that the national team’s senior All-rounder, Shoaib Malik, has almost finished a match against India against a fast bowler. Shoaib Malik is unlikely to get a chance to score in World Cup next match. According to the sources, the senior all-rounder will not be able to resume due to continuous disappointment.
Haris Sohail will be given a chance in the next match against Shoaib Malik. According to sources, after Australia’s traditional rival, after being out on the golden side against India, Shoaib Malik has lost a one-day career, Shoaib Malik went out in two balls against Australia while he was against India. The first ball was padded at Pandiya’s ball, his bodyguard told that he is not fit for this big event, he has announced the World Cup’s succession, Harris Sohail is sitting in the Pakistani dressing room, Shoaib Malik is also looking for an opportunity to make two cinemas against him. Only 13 batsmen have scored only 13 in the innings, the batsmen played in more than 20 innings in England, including the worst betting record from Shoaib Malik and bad average James Anderson 10.15, Darren Gee 11.95 and Graeme Swan 12.83, the three non-regulator Are batsman
37-year-old Shoaib Malik has played 287-one-day international matches.


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