Speaker suspended the membership of Uzma Bukhari, Ashraf Rasool and Abdul Rauf on abusive language

Speaker Punjab Assembly Pervaiz Elahi banned the suspended members of PML (N) in the constituencies of the assembly. According to sources, PML (N) 3 suspended members have been admitted to the assembly for the meeting of the Punjab Assembly, on this occasion, the Speaker, Punjab Assembly, Pervaiz Alahi directed the Assembly Secretariat to be honored by Azmi Bukhari, Ashraf Rasool, and Abdul Rauf. The pictures have been issued to the security staff, the instructions have been issued to the security personnel to prevent the three League members from being admitted to the assembly.

All three league members will not be able to attend the session during the ban. “During the current session of the assembly meeting, due to bitter speech with Deputy Speaker, the membership of the Supreme Court, Ashraf Rasool, and Abdul Rauf were suspended. It is clear that the PML-N member of the PML-N member, who suspended the Speaker’s appointment in the Punjab assembly, suspended the decision to suspend any case, no speaker to keep the House’s presidency and speaker honor. It was a clear message to not compromise.
On the issue of members’ suspension, ‘the Ninth League should try to soften the environment’ to surrender. During the meeting on Monday, PML (N) provincial spokesperson Malik Muhammad Ahmed, on speaker’s behavior, expressed his disappointment and self-determination to the media in front of the media, which was termed this behavior, but when he The members of the Muslim League (N) Sami Azhar Bukhari, also suggested that the members of the speaker should respect the honor of the speaker and keep a soft attitude from the speaker and also propose to make a committee regarding senior members in the application. There are also three suspended members who criticized the speaker again and said that PTI members in the previous era N now the Speaker (Rana Mohammad Iqbal with the insulting behavior) and used the harshest word as ‘nonsense’ to them.
In response, if anyone wants to disclose and explain the guidelines of Provincial Assembly Tehreek-e-Insaf Muhammad Aslam Iqbal, former speaker Rana Iqbal has explained that his companion Samiullah is saying wrong, no such incident has been presented, If this was the case, he would take immediate notice on which the Speaker forbid Mian Aslam Iqbal to explain and said that there is no need to talk further when former speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal has made himself aware.
In the opposite of the House’s proceedings, unlike the majority of party members’s opinion and the environment, it is increasing the trend in the PML (N) parliamentary party, which is the main reason why the opposition leader Hamza Shahbaz It is considered to be absent and it is also defined by the grouping of the Muslim League.


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