Pakistan’s preparations are being entered in the last phase of Saudi Arabia’s visit to Muhammad bin Salman. According to details, 300 Prudo vehicles have been completed for the royal tour of the Saudi welfare Mohammad Bin Salman, vehicles will be transported from Saudi Arabia to use the Wali covenant. Sources said Saudi Arabia, a coalition of 235 members of the Islamic Military Alliance, reached Pakistan, 130 Royal Guards will also be accompanied by the Saudi Valentine’s covenant. Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to welcome Saudi Arabia and drive his car on the arrival of the Saudi Wali-e-Saddam. The guest will give the guest awards at the heart of the Holy Squadron. According to the narration, the JF17 thunder plane will offer Fly Pass for Salami.

While presiding over the Prime Minister’s House, the guard of honor will be presented, after which Prime Minister Imran Khan and Saudi Wali-era Mohammad bin Salman will meet online meeting at the Prime Minister’s House Office. Saudi Arabia’s visit to Pakistan will sign 15 to 20 billion contracts, oil refinery, KP, construction of hotels of tourism, Punjab projects, energy projects, Haveli Bahadur Shah, Saudi capital in Bhikhi Power Plant It’s possible. Prime Minister Imran Khan will give a glimpse on the Saudi welfare ceremony, while President of the State Dr. Arif Alvi will give a glimpse on the honor of Saudi welfare Muhammad Bin Salman, cultural ceremonies will also be presented in the presidency.


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