If snake’s skin is used in the chapel, it will violate the wildlife lawsuit, the chapel will be sent to a laboratory for testing. DFO Abdul Ali.

The prime minister, Imran Khan’s elephant’s leather-made Chapel Wildlife, took control of the Wildlife Department, saying that if a lazy leather is used in the chapel, it will be violated. According to media reports, the Wildlife Department department took possession of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s chapel made by the eczema skull.
DFO Abdul Aliem says that the news came to media while raiding a shop, the shopkeeper has escaped. However, the chapel is captured. The chapel will be sent to the laboratory for testing. Clearly, shoemaker Nadeeddin uncle told the BBC that this time a person named Imran Khan’s favorite person told him that he wanted to give a special gift to his captain.

For this purpose, Nauman has sent a very beautiful skull from the US, he wishes to prepare a chapel for Prime Minister Imran Khan on which the work has been started. Perhaps, before Eid, they will offer Imran Khan to this chapel. They say that this will be a very comfortable chapel which Imran Khan will not heat. They do not wanna wear this chapel as much as work, I hope our captain will love it very much.
Salahuddin, the eldest son of Nooruddin uncle, said that this time they are preparing the chapel, they and their father Nooruddin specially designed. The pattern of this chapel is apparently seen as ordinary pearl chapel But when it is worn it will be seen by the person who sees it completely different. They say that it will be more light than Chapel Jog Shows, but the person wearing this will not know that he Wearing a chapel
According to Saladdin, all the work will be done on this chapel, with the use of snake skins for four feet in total, the sponge imported from Italy will be used so that the top of the feet also No problem According to them, after giving this chapel to Prime Minister Imran Khan, it will also be named as a brand name.
Norluddin uncle’s younger son, Azharuddin told the BBC that his father focused on all his attention to Imran Khan on the chapel made from snake skins. The priest of Nooruddin should be sent for this chapel. The snake is about to say that it is tender skin. According to them, the small snake skins cannot be used in any work, so large snake skins are used.


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