After Afghanistan, another team got out of the semi-finals race, the South Africa team lost their chances of reaching the semifinal after the New Zealand team defeated. According to the details, the South Africa team has been out of the race to reach the semi-final of the World Cup after Afghanistan.
South Africa has lost 4 out of 6 matches, due to which there is no chance to reach its semi-final. On the other hand, in the 50th match of World Cup 2019, New Zealand defeated South Africa by 4 wickets due to the wicket of captain Williamson. In the pursuit of 242 runs, the New Zealand captain and Munro scored an innings, but Munro scored out in the second over in the over-wicket ball, Martin hit the target in trying to play a shot, Ross Taylor After scoring Chris Morisball was wicketed by wicketkeeper, Tom Latham also made a single run and Pawlain returned with moris hand, Williamson combined with Nimism and scored 57 runs for the fifth wicket, after which Nimesh scored 23 runs. De Grande Homeland, with Williamson, scored 91 runs and completed his half-century during which he became a victim of injury, before New Zealand won the toss and invited South Africa to bat first, the match started with a delay of half an hour and the match was reduced from 50 overs to 49 overs.

The first loss to South Africa was in the second over of the match when Trent Bolt pushed the Queens de Kick. Captain Faf Duplex, with Hashim Ammalah, tried to handle the innings and 50 runs in the two matches, when the fast bowler Ferguson Lokki bowled Faf Duplex on an extremely fast yorker, Faf Duplex made 23 runs. Were there
Markram and Ammah took the wickets in a cautious manner, but left 111 runs with Amla Markram, he scored 55 runs. Broadcasting van Multan van Vinci scored 72 runs for the fifth wicket, after which Miller scored 36 runs. Ferguson became the third victim without any runs, Vendor Dawson scored 67 runs and played a key role in reaching the squad to 241, he scored 3 sixes and two wickets. Ferguson’s highest 3 Batsman, Grandmother, and Senator got one wicket each.


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