Saudi Riyal has increased Rs. 2.7 during a week, the Saudi riyal is now Rs 42

The second currency also saw the dollar. The media reports said that during the last week a British pend was Rs 10 rupees. In the open market, Paud became double sensor and reached the highest level of 200. In the open market, Euro 11 rupees have become expensive. Euro one week reached 176 rupees.
In the open market, the rupee of Rs 8 rupees a week in a week was expensive, $ 157 in the open market has gone up to Rs. 507. While the Saudi Ral also has costlier Rs 2.7 a week. 42 rupees. During a week, Emirates Dhamh was Rs 2.6. The Emirate Darma got Rs 43 in the market.

On the other hand, the interbank has increased by 2.80 rupees, after which the new price reached 156.80 rupees and the opening market reached Rs. 157.50 after the level of three rupees.

According to media reports, the US dollar has once again increased its airline, and the dollar worth USD 2.80 has increased in the dollar, after which the value of the dollar in the open market is Rs 157 after raising three rupees. 50 rupees The dollar has reached the highest level of domestic history. The prime minister expressed concerns about the level of $ 153 and the value of rupee, saying that the dollar’s high inflation is harmful to the Pakistani economy.
The dollar growth rate is dangerous for the domestic economy, therefore steps should be taken to increase the value of rupees, because the rupee price is dangerous for the economy and will affect the industrial sector, the value of rupees in dollar competition Importing raw material used in industries is affecting the industrial sector because it increases the cost of goods due to increasing the cost of the product.


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