The Ministry of Religious Affairs prepared a summary of the new draw

Ministry of Religious Affairs has decided to give another opportunity to the failed applicants of the Hajj scheme after the new Hajj quota from Saudi Arabia. Sources say that the Ministry of Religious Affairs has prepared a summary of new quota estimates, which will be presented in the federal cabinet. It is said that the case of additional pilgrims for Pakistani pilgrims ‘pilgrims’ Saudi welfare Mohammad bin Salman Prime Minister Imran Khan had raised a visit to Pakistan, after which the additional quota of 16,000 people was added to Pakistan.

The quota has been reduced to 2 lakhs after Pakistan’s increase in this quota. Sources said that the Ministry of Religious Affairs decided to give another chance to the failing applicants after the new quota increased. What is and will be evaluated in this regard. Sources said further that this new Hajj quota of 16,000 is also distributed 60 percent of the government and 40 percent private schemes, under which 9,445 74 government officials and 6 thousand 316 new tour operators But can
Sources said that the Ministry of Religious Affairs will give 4 days a month to repay those who withdraw money from the banks for new quota, and those people present in the bank are directly involved in new interest rates. shall be. Sources said that after the approval of the cabinet, the proposal will be announced after the cabinet’s treasury. ‘Earlier, the quota of pilgrims for Pakistan was 100 lakhs and it also has 60 Percentage was distributed while 40 percent of the private schemes.
Earlier, the Federal Cabinet announced the Hajj Policy 2019, which has a cost of Rs. 4 lakh 36 thousand 975 rupees for the residents of the country’s north, while for the southern region (Karachi, Quetta, and Sukkur) There is 4 lakh 26 thousand 975 rupees, these costs do not include the cost of sacrifices, with this sacrifice, the expenses are Rs. 566,500 426.


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