The aircraft disappeared from the radar during the flight and later found a mockery, which contained all the remainings of the dead bodies.

The private plane going to Las Vegas from Mexico City to Mexico fell on the flight. According to sources, the plane crashes near the northern city of Montreal in Mexico, and all the 14 passengers carrying a crash in the plane have been killed, sources said. According to sources, some of the thieves fired off from Las Vegas to Monti Later the radar had disappeared later, however, the administration has found debris of a destroyed plane.
According to sources, there were 14 people, including 11 passengers and 3 staff in small private aircraft. Fernandes Orta, the officer of the Mexican state’s Emergency Department, told that the plane of a destroyed plane was discovered with the help of a search engine.

He has reported that the plane has fallen 208 kilometers away from the city in the northwest of Montkokova’s city of Mexico.

According to the administration, all 11 passengers traveling in the plane were going to see the boxing match held in Las Vegas. It has been said that the boxing match will be played between Solarz and Daniel Jackson’s clubs. The missile plane crashes in Suzuki Super Jet 100 on Moscow airport, but the 14 people lost their lives in the accident, while the plane crashes in Moscow’s capital Moscow in Moscow two days ago. People were also injured.


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