Ali Zafar refused to apologize and asked me to come home to talk, singer

Alisha Shafiq, singing singer of sexually explicit singer Ali Zafar, has revealed in a private TV show that Ali Zafar had offered that he was ready to apologize to him, but later he went on to repent The singer told the music program organizer that he told Ali Zafar that he did not want to work with him, but Ali Zafar sent the message that Masha Shafi should come home.
When Misha Shafi was asked whether he had any evidence of Whatsapp messages or phone calls, he said that he had sat down before the organizer, offered to apologize for Ali Zafar’s apology. They do not have any evidence of reference, but they can submit SMS by looking for the correspondent to meet.

When asked about that, according to them, why Ayulikan Misha Shafi was silent for 4 months in December, and in the meantime he had met Ali Zafar, then the singer replied that he could hide this matter. I wanted to solve the words but Ali Zafar did not get any positive answer and when I was asked to work with him again, I tweeted and told that this matter has been presented with me.
The singer has said that after this incident Ali Zafar was not met, but his younger brother met and he was the first time to meet. When asked him that he had thanked Ali Zafar by making a message in a WhatsApp group after this incident concert? So he said he volunteered that message. Misha Shafi said that all the 11 people present on the occasion were Ali Zafar and we were present at Ali Zafar’s property at this time, so no witness was telling them.
The singer said that my former manager, the accused, was taking my money in Dubai. Or is it that Misha Shafiq alleged Ali Zafar that Ali Zafar tried to sexually abuse him after which the singer had a case of dying on them.


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