Justice verdict is not a heavenly scripture, judgment can be wrong: Justice Ejaz Al Ahsan

The hearing was heard in the Supreme Court today, Ali Zafar, Misha Shafi. Remarks were given by the court on how to take the testimony of Witnesses, it is a matter of court to decide. The bench of the bench, Justice Ejaz Al-Ahsan, remarked that judicial decisions are not a heavenly scripture, the decision can be wrong. On the occasion of hearing of the case, there was a dialogue between Justice Ejaz Al-Hassan and Mishra Shafi’s lawyer.
Misha Shafi’s lawyer, on behalf of honorable judge, said that we want to record the testimony of all witnesses together. So it can be clear that what happened in the jamming session? Justice Ejaz Al Ahsan addressed the lawyer of Mishra Shafi, saying, “What do you want to tell about all testimony together?” Are you sure you want to be all the Witnesses together? Under which law do you want the testimony of all the Witnesses to be together? You are becoming disciplined.

Justice Ejazullah said that the court has to decide how to record the statements. Justice Ejaz Al-Ahsan asked Masha’s lawyer how long he has been advocating. In response, the MP’s lawyer told Fazl judge that he has been advocating eleven years. On which Justice Ejaz Ahsan said, “Have you ever seen eleven years ever recorded the statement of the first and then it should be done? There is no such example in my thirty-year judicial experience.
Misha Shafi’s lawyer said he could give a look at many judicial decisions. He said that you can not give it because Zero is judicial ideals. The lawyer of Misha Shafi said that the court has talked about it in many decisions. Justice Ejazullah said that judicial decisions are not a heavenly scripture. The case can also be wrong. Ali Zafar’s lawyer told the court that the statement of one of the eleven witnesses of the trial has been recorded.
After this, the court adjourned the further hearing of the case till next week. Model and singer Maisha Shafi made the Lahore High Court decision on April 12 in the case. Mishra challenged the Lahore High Court’s decision in the Harjana case. While stating that witnessing testimony is the primary legal right. Misha Shafi asked the court to dismiss the order of the High Court by giving permission to witnesses on the witnesses.
He stressed in his petition that the trial court did not allow the Witnesses to go astray and said that witnesses would be immediately after the statement. The application was said to be the main legal right to witness the testimony, It is not permissible to justify the basis of their statement without knowing it, there are a party and other parties who have the right to offer evidence. The leading singer in the application stressed that the Lahore High Court also decided to make a trial court decision. Validated.


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