The group kidnap the 7-year-old girls and send them to Afghanistan where their family would be asked for a loss

In Karachi, Karachi has abducted international groups. The group will kidnap the 7-year-old boys and send them to Afghanistan where their family is called for compensation. According to sources, the presence of an international group in Karachi has been revealed that abducts low-child children and then smuggles them out of the country.
The kidnapping group revealed that when police arrested a person from the FB Industrial Area, which was investigated. The police sources said that the accused, Aminullah FB kidnapped a 7-year-old girl from the limits of the industrial area police station. When the police arrested the police with the help of locals.

More about the arrested suspect has been told that he abducted children under the age of 7 and under and he used to sell the kidnapped children by the kidnappers’ international community.

The police have said that this international group of kidnappers migrate to Afghanistan and transfers them to Afghanistan and then these children are taken to Afghanistan, and then their families ask for compensation for the sake of liberating their children. There are many months ago, in connection with the growing incidents of kidnapping of children in Karachi in Karachi, Amir Shaikh Additional IG Karachi said that there were more rumors that the news of the kidnapping of the children, and a political The party is involved in spreading terror in the city.


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