16 umpires and 6 match referees for the mega event has been announced, Alam Dar will perform duties in World Cup for the fifth time

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announces the 22-member match-off for the World Cup. In the ICIC-based 48-match event, the 16 best and 6 matches refreshed Officers have been selected for the May 30, From July 14 to July, the event will pay for the eventual event, including the world’s best friends in the selected Imperial Empires for the World Cup which will be the 5th World Cup.
Sri Lankan Kumar Dharmasena, Chris Jeffrey, Anne Gold, MarĂ­ais Erica is, Richard Katling, Richard Katele Bro, Niggling Long, Bruce Oaksen Ford, Slamar Ravi, Paul Jeffrey, Road Tucker, Joel Wilson, Mitchell Coff, Rocha Yuguro, and Paul Wilson. The list of umpires, Chris Board, David Bone, Andy Packroot, Jeff Crow, Ranjon Magdalene and Ricky Richardson for the event match referee.

The umpires mentioned according to the ICC will perform duties in the first phase in the league matches after which the names for the semifinal and final will be announced later. Remember that the schedule of the ICC World Cup 2019 has come and the Mega event will be played in England and Wales between May 30 to July 14. The match will be played on May 30 on the field of Oval and the ODI will be played on the opening of the Oval and South Africa tournament. While Pakistan’s first match against West Indies will be played on May 31st on Trent Bridge.
Pakistan will then take three matches to England, Jun. 7, Bristol and June 12 with the World Champions Australia. The major trophies between Pakistan and India will be held on June 16 in Old Trafford. Pakistan will then compete against South Africa on June 23, against New Zealand, June 26, and June 29. Afghanistan will play its last league match on the 5th floor of London’s historic field.


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