Instructions were issued to the distribution companies by the government

Instructions have been issued to the distribution companies for uninterrupted power supply on Eid. According to details, the government has decided to give an Eid on the occasion of Eid, which has been directed to not load shedding on Eid al-Fitr. According to the SOP issued for electricity distribution companies, load shedding will not be done on all three days of Eid and the control rooms set up for electricity supply in Ramadan will also work on the occasion of Eid.
According to the SP, the complaints related to the suspension of power supply will be resolved immediately. While relevant staff will be present in all the divisions, including its equipment. Remember that on the last day another public was heard before the Eid.

The larger decline in LNG price was announced in the country. The price of LNG was reduced by Rs 15 per kg.

While the price of LNG cylinders used for domestic consumers has fallen by Rs 680. The new prices of LNG will be applied on June 1st. But it is noteworthy that the prices of petroleum products from June 1st are likely to increase by Rs 9 per liter. The petroleum division of the petroleum products last week, on the basis of high-speed diesel, was Rs 8, 99 paise per liter, petrol price at Rs 8, 53 paise per liter, kerosene oil cost a rupee of 69 paise, The price of light diesel was recommended to increase 68 rupees a rupee. On this summary, the Ministry of Finance will decide today by consulting Prime Minister Imran Khan after which the new prices will be applied on June 1.


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