Another blast was heard in Colombia’s Sri Lanka capital, police and rescue teams departed from place to time.

Sri Lanka has another blast report. Media reports have reported another blast in Colombo capital of Colombo. 40 kilometers away from Colombo Parga Town has been heard in the east. Police and rescue teams have gone to the location. It is not possible to talk about the matter at the earliest.
However, the police have started an investigation. According to reports, there was no loss in the blast, according to police reports. Police sources said that the incident was not of nature for the past days. An explosion was reported in Lima in Lincoln.

The explosion was reported in the Siwani Cinema of Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo.

According to the initial report, the explosive cinema happened in a steep motorcycle in the parking area, but there were no reports of biologists yet. Police and rescue teams were left on the spot after the blast was reported. It is a matter of anger that hotels and churches were bombed on the occasion of Easter. 359 people were killed and more than 500 injured in attacks.
Syria accepted the responsibility of Sri Lanka attacks the last day. Terrorists were attacked in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. According to media reports, terrorist attacks in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka accepted the terrorist organization, ISI. Earlier, the former Lankan accused of being involved in attacks on international networks after the horrific bombings in churches and hotels.
Police investigating the attacks said that they had received 87 bomb detonators from the Colombo bus station, the police found detonators from the Mattawan Motta private bus stand, out of which 12 were found on land and 75 nearby pile pots. The police said that they had arrested 24 people and all were citizens of Sri Lanka, but they did not give further details. According to experts, 7 suicide bombers have been revealed in the attack, the government spokesman said. An international network was involved in attacks. Ariana Nanda Wali, the senior official of the government’s organizational division, said 2 suicide bombers blew themselves in Shangri La Hotel, others targeted 3 churches and 2 hotels.


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