Everyone can be a file on a computer online in 6 minutes, the person who does not have a file in 45 days will bring it into the tax system, the adviser’s treasure

Advisor Finance Abdul Hafeez Sheikh said that filing of non-filename files is easy now and can be downloaded on computer online in 6 minutes. Every person living in me will have to pay taxes. He said that rich people in our country are not taxing but we will take all taxes and if anybody is angry with taxing, we will annoy him, but in any case, nobody will be exempted from tax.
Advisor Treasury said it is not acceptable to not allow rich taxpayers. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh further added that we are removing the difference between the filers and the non-filer and now no one has bought any filer, it will be required to be the first filer and the vehicle and the property buyer will have to file a file and also have to provide income sources.

Addressing a post-budget conference, he said that file filing is easy now and no one can be a file on computer online for 6 minutes, and it will be automatically added to the tax system in 45 days.

On the other hand, the FBR refused the tax filing to non-films. The FBR said that non-filer has not given an exemption on the property, purchase of the vehicle. According to the FBR, the legal status of non-films in the new finance bill has been terminated, all people are required to submit their tax-income tax. According to the FBR, the non-filename will have to pay 100% more on the widespread stage.
According to the FBR, automatic taxes will be penalized and penalties will be charged after tax determination. Addressing the new budget press conference, Chairman FBR Shabar Zaidi has said that non-filament in any law of the world Not been encouraged, non-filer misconfirmed in 2104. He said that there is no way to become a non-filer in the world, but the previous government made the file uninterrupted.
He said that the current government has corrected it in the fiscal year 2019-20 budget. Earlier, the federal government proposed to ban the ban on buyers of Non-Films. The Minister of State for Revenue said that the previous government had banned that the property of more than Rs. 50 lakhs could not be registered or transferred to the name of a non-filer, but it was observed that the ban on the purchase of property The desired results did not come.


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