Is there a need to break the assemblies from the current system to go into a new system? Senior analysist

There are rumors that do not take away the name of breaking the tail, but the real news is probably far away from nowhere. It was a long time since the age of the mother, but the news of his return to the cabinet had come out of detail. After meeting Prime Minister Imran Khan, the news also came to pass that Asad Umar would soon be seen in a ministry but this plot could not prove to be true yet.
There is no doubt that Asad Umer Captain’s team was one of the best players and he should be in some ministry. He also intends to make a part of the cabinet as soon as possible and many ministers are also active in this regard. There are those who are trying to celebrate the angry Asad Umar but they are not ready.

However, in this regard, senior journalist Dr. Shahid Masood discussed in a private TV channel, saying that Asad Umar will soon be part of the main issues of government.

The first issue regarding the return of Asad-e-Azam has been the governorate that he can be appointed governor of Punjab or Sindh, while the other thing is that the speaker of the assembly can also be posted in the place of Asad Qaiser. As Prime Minister Imran Khan is not happy with Asad Qaiser’s performance. However, there was no positive statement of Assad’s aggression yet until he became a part of the government.
While Imran Khan is tired from the current system, Dr. Shahid Masood said that sooner or bad Imran Imran would have to change this system because there are so many obstacles and problems in this system that they are not allowed to function properly. That is why techno croates are being adjusted more and maybe it is possible that Imran Khan should be confused to the presidential system.


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