Saudi Arabia decides to help Pakistan give. Decided to give the oil of worth 3 billion Dollars

The bad news was reported for the dollar storeers. Saudi Arabia was ready to help Pakistan again in difficult economic conditions of Pakistan. Saudi Arabia decided to give $ 3 billion to Pakistan. In this case, high-level contacts started between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
According to the economic situation of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia is expected to start supplying oil to Pakistan. According to sources, Prime Minister Imran Khan has been informed about this important progress. Due to rising oil prices, the import bill increased. Pakistan has exported $ 10 billion in the current financial year. Authorities of both countries have set up oil repayment procedures.

It seems that Saudi Arabia has always helped Pakistan in difficult circumstances. Saudi Arabia’s commitment to supporting Pakistan’s economy, Mohammad bin Salman, also announced his investment in the first phase of Pakistan’s investment of $ 20 billion in Pakistan. During Saudi Arabia’s visit to Pakistan, billions of dollars of investment contracts have signed between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
These fields include energy, electricity, health, sports, tourism, minerals, and other fields including agriculture. Saudi Arabia has said that a $ 10 billion oil refinery will be installed in Gwadar. Gwadar will be a center of oil supply. With the establishment of Real Refinery, Pakistan will save $ 7 billion. Saudi vowel pledged to invest more in various sectors of Pakistan, but now Pakistan’s drowning economy is once again ready to support Saudi Arabia to support the economy.


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