Pakistani intelligence agencies warned India about the attack 2 days ago, Indian media

Indian Army carries a car bomb in Palma. According to Indian media, the bombardment of the Indian Army’s razor Rifles 44 attack in Palma, the Indian media has said that the bomb used in the attack was desperate. After the bombing, a clash started between the invaders and the Indian army, and the clash continued for a long time.
Indian private TV channel has said Indian soldiers have been attacked in Anantnag before the invasion of Pulwama, in which an Indian Major and three soldiers were killed and now the Indian Army has been attacked in Pulwama, Indian According to the media, the Pulwama attack came near Aryal village, which damaged the vehicle.

It is clear that the Pakistani secret agencies had informed India two days ago that the Indian army could be attacked by an improvised explosive device in Kashmir, after which the security of the area was increased, despite this, the Indian Army will be attacked today. And there was a clash with the invaders.

Remember that the Indian military bus was attacked in Pulwama this February in February, in which 44 Indian soldiers were killed, after which India had started planting it on Pakistan and the tension between Pakistan and India increased. During this period, India had tried to attack aerial air on Pakistan, which was made by the Pak Air Force, and the Indian ships had lost loads in the forest, but on the next day, Pakistan had killed two fighter aircraft in the Indian army A pilot was also arrested, which later directed the prime minister Imran Khan as a passionate passion. India was handed over.
Now, once again a bomb on Indian Army vehicle in Pulwama has been attacked, but Pakistani intelligence agencies had informed India about this attack two days back.


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