It seems that all the work is fake, why not send the case to the NAB. There are complaints related to people. Remarks

The Supreme Court of Pakistan remarked in the case of disability rights that it seems that all work is fake, not to send the case to the NAB. According to the details, the bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh on Thursday heard the rights related to the rights of persons with disabilities.
The petitioner ruled out the court that “I like the likes of the people,” he said, adding that the victims of the disabled are quoted by the disabled, and the hearing is also referred to as disabled.

Justice Faisal Arab said that there was also disabilities in the National Assembly Secretariat, a person was raped after weakening the coaching, a person’s viewpoint was also recruited to the disabled coat.

The petitioner told the court that several people were admitted to the disabled quota in the KP, the right to complain, the oppressor was forced to stumble. Justice Azmat Saeed remarked that all work seems to be counterfeit, recruitment against merit on merchandise quota is a serious crime, the impression is not getting ridiculous, because the case should not be sent to NAB.
While opposing the criminal proceedings against the official recruitment recruiters, he said that if the violation of the rules would be disrespectful. The petitioner said that there are threats if someone’s recruitment challenge is challenged, the judge, Mahmood Saeed, remarked that a couple of rice grows from a grain of rice, government officials do not have any fear of the law, the government thinks no one asks the disabled.
The Supreme Court condemned the proceedings against anti-disabled persons in the case of disabled persons. The court directed FIA and Anti-corruption officers to personally, and directed the disabled persons to identify law recruitments. Later, the Supreme Court adjourned the hearing of the rights of disabled people till June 20.



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