Actor and host Yasir Hussain often criticized social norms due to his naughty style, but this time he acted only with actress Haniya Aamir.

Haniya Aamer had shared on a post installment on the face of the face on the past day, in which she expressed her emotions and said that when the face is filled with grain, people think that beauty has been affected. When beauty is not related to face ‘.

On the other hand, Yasir Hussain took the questions and answers from the fans at the Instagram Store, in which a fan asked ‘What would a word say for Haniya Aamam?’ Yasir Hussain responded that he had the word ‘darling’ in such a way as Haniya Amir expressed confusion and replied from the Instagram that ‘forgive me to my friend, to make them unhappy today It’s a habit. There was no mention of the discussion on social media, but Yasir Hussain replied, ‘Just a friend said,’ It was written that Anak was not funny, ‘says Anne in Urdu. In such a way, Haniya Amir shares the name of Yasir Hussain without any post in which she expressed anger.

We remove our fear but people indicate them as if it is not a big thing, and then making fun of someone’s fear is the worst thing that is wrong in all. The actor wrote that it was not enough that the fear of someone should joke, the resistance is awesome, but be careful with it, feel bad about someone else by taking out his defect and not feeling very good. It is unmatched, It’s not a joke to give someone down.


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