Punjab  Senior Chief Minister Abdul Aleem  Khan has said that drafting has been prepared regarding police reforms. Reforms are part of our agenda, will soon be done, bureaucrats will not work, which will be removed from the irregularities. If Nawaz Sharif’s health is bad then he is sympathy with him, the former prime minister should get legitimate right; there is no danger of movement in Punjab; Chhidri brothers consider their brothers, accept their legitimacy. There is also corruption in our times, corruption should be avoided.

Talking to media after inaugurating Parkway City in Islamabad, Tillar, Senior Minister of Punjab, Iqbal Khan said that the preliminary report of the Sahiwal got found, Chief Minister Punjab and the law has announced action against him. A draft has been prepared regarding reform, police reforms are part of our agenda.

Do not say that when Punjab was with Punjab, what did he himself do? The Shahbaz Sharif’s plans are proving to be white elephants for us. He said that the Orange train should be a hospital instead of the metro. He said that the present Chief Minister Punjab is a good and gentleman. He said that Imran Khan had started giving him time when nobody could think that Imran Khan would become prime minister. He said that Chief Minister gave Imran Khan with no change in order to become Punjab, along with Imran Khan along with the country and his children’s future. He said that what we promised to the people, bureaucrats will have to work, which is unbelievable

There is no risk of movement in Punjab. He said that Imran Khan is very respected for Shujaat and Chhidri brothers consider their brother, he will recognize every legitimate thing. Alim Khan said that corruption is going on in our times too, corruption should be cursed, if corruption is on a low level, its law is necessary.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that our grip is not strong enough now, it is not enough to be Imran Khan and the honesty of the minister, he said that action will be taken against the corruption and any other person involved in corruption including the Parliament. On a question, he said Nawaz Sharif is being provided all the medical facilities in the jail, which will be given to him according to the law, no Prime Minister or Chief Minister stopped them from providing medical facilities.

Aleem Khan said that today the officer involved in corruption says that he should remain away from such things, the movement of justice has come to power on anti-corruption. On one question, he said that there is an honor of Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain in the heart of Imran Khan. On the question, he said that the initial report of investigation on Sahiwal Sahiwal has been presented, the Minister of Law, Punjab, informed about this. One question says that Imran Khan will decide about contesting elections on Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s provincial seat, who will decide whether Imran Khan will decide


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