On contact, Prime Minister Imran Khan did not give any time to meet

After the cases against the Sharif family and the Tuff Times coming to them, the Sharif family has speeded the efforts for the NRO. According to details, many people and close relatives of Sharif family have tried to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan, but Prime Minister Imran Khan did not give time to meet.
Prime Minister Imran Khan refused to give any relief to the former ruler’s family and received a message from PB Barben from NAB. According to a report published in the National newspaper regarding the recent efforts of the Sharif family by the Sharif family, it was said that some close friends of Sharif family, who have no relation with the politics of N-League, said. He tried to meet the Prime Minister to take the RO, but he did not get the time to meet but he was advised to fix his case with NAB, take action and then go where he wants to go.

According to the statement, the Prime Minister also got confused about his resignation, who asked for a time to meet him for close friends of the Sharif family. Some important leaders of the government party, including the members of the federal cabinet, advised the party chairman and the prime minister, seeing the country’s challenges, the government should not open many fronts. It was advised that if the opposition parties would go after the bars in the N League and the corruption cases of PPP, then the opposition parties would try to open a larger front with other opposition groups against the Government, The difficulties will increase.
On which Prime Minister does not agree with the people of his party, he says that there will be no compromise on accountability and corruption matters, whatever cost it has to pay. A senior leader of the PTI, who is from South Punjab and is considered as Prime Minister’s prime minister, met in the second week of April in the meeting of Sharif family member and Senator’s Senator leader in London, in which Sharif The family requested an NRO formula, under which they would make a plea to the NAB, but their issue with NAB should not be public.
After which they should go out of the country. When the representative contacted some senior security officers regarding the military establishment and analysts about the efforts of the Sharif family NRO, when he contacted some senior security officers, he said that such allegations were untrue and false. Have a bridge Campaign and accountability against corruption is completely a matter of NAB and government. The Military Leadership is standing behind the government according to its constitutional obligation and is bound to justify its order, which is also the work of the government to deal with the elements that are spreading this type of propaganda, hoping that the government is in accordance with the laws of the country Will respond to elements.


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