Opposition leader Hamza Shahbaz Sharif in Punjab Assembly proclaimed dangerous conditions

Pakistan Muslim League-N leader Hamza Shahbaz says electricity and gas are going to be 80,80% expensive. Media reports have said that Punjab Assembly Hamza Shahbaz was talking to the media while saying that due to NAB workers Investors fled from the country. The account will take account of the destruction of the NAB and the government.
Today the economy of the economy has dried up. I am afraid of the economy. The Nexus and the economy of the economy destroyed the country’s economy. This nation will calculate Khan’s fallers. These players are not opening. Imran Khan will fear when the nation will calculate them, Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and corruption will not be proved against me.

The fasting of Ramadan is going to be in danger.

Poor does not have money to buy medicines. Shahbaz said that electricity and gas are going to be 80% expensive. The Lahore High Court has said that more than half the assets, Ramadan Shakes Mills and Clean Water, have been affected by 400 percent of the medicines. The opposition leader in the case extended Punjab Assembly and PML (N) leader, Hamza Shahbaz to interim bail on May 8, ordering the court to submit a document to the NAB prosecutor, said that it should be told Which documents can provide a NAB.
On the occasion of the arrival of Hamza Shahbaz, the league activists outside the entrance gate hijacked a lot of slogans. The workers welcomed Hamza Shahbaz’s car on the lion’s tiger, tiger slogans. On the arrival of Hamza, a severe blow started between the workers, the police and the personal guard of Hamza Shahbaz. Hamsa went to the court and went to the court after entering the mosque.
After the hearing, Hamza Shahbaz returned from Lahore High Court once again, a huge slogan was fired by the workers. Nowadays a few days before NAB has arrested Hamza Shahbaz for charges of an asset over assets. The raid took place at his residence, however, not arrested in the process. The court adjourned the opposition leader Hamza Shahbaz in Punjab assembly by interim bail April 17 and prevented NAB from being arrested.


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