Morgan’s lead inning, Babar Azam and Harris Sohail’s half-centuries

England beat Pakistan by 7 wickets in a single T20 competition. England beat Benjamin and James Wins for the target of 174 runs, but Shaneen Afridi became the second to be scored by Dotty 9, James Wins and Jorat scored 45 runs for the second wicket, followed by Vince 36 runs. By Wasim Waseem, Captain An Morgan and Root scored 65 runs for the third wicket, after which Roast 47 runs, Hasan Ali’s ball at Putin Foote, Anne Morgan, scored 57 runs.
Earlier, the national team captain Sarfraz Ahmed won the toss and decided to bat first in the match being played at Cafe’s Sofia Garden.

The national team did not start well and proudly Zaman made 7 runs for the first time by Karen Morgan on the ball and then made 7 wickets for Imam ul Haq Jaffer Archer’s buns, Babar Azam and Harris Sohail scored the third wicket. Babar scored his first innings for the first innings, while Babar completed his first innings half-century, with 103 runs in the two batsmen, the partnership of 103 runs was established after Harris became the second victim to score 50 runs. Babur Azam 65 runs After being unbeaten, Ricky Ponting scored out, Asif Ali also scored 3 runs and scored out of Jordan’s hands, Fahim. Rough 16 runs victim of Jordan, Imad Wasim unbeaten with 18 runs.

For England, Archer 2 and Karen and Jordan made 1, 1 wicket. Mohammad Hasan and Al-ul-Haq were dropped to two nationals in the national squad, Sarfraz Ahmed said that the scoring board is trying to decorate big towels. The England captain Anne Morgan said that there was no regret to lose the toss, bowling first Happy, England has been introduced as Jeffrey Archer.
In England, James Wins, Ben Dick, Joe Root, Anne Morgan, Joe Danielle, Ben Focus, David Valley, Tom Carney, Chris Jordon, Adel Rashid, and Jaffa Archer. England’s heavy loads in Mutual T-Tests The Ganguly team won 11 wickets while the Green Shirts got victory in only 4 matches, while Pakistan won the last match, the series of 11 series victories was broken in South Africa, but in the matches, Shoaib Malik Pakistan was the first to win against England in the first innings of 11 years. Pakistan is one of the first to rank in the T-TT rankings. The number is available while the England team has occupied the third position.


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