The chairman wapda were also present in the helicopter including other people, Pilot took down the helicopters after acceleration, all passengers were safe, sources

The helicopter lost the balance due to the weather crisis of the Federal Minister for Water Resources, Faisal Vodha, other people including Chairman WAPDA in the helicopter were present, Pilot took the helicopters down after the hijackers, all passengers were safe. According to media reports, today Prime Minister Imran Khan has laid a foundation for Mohmand Dam, the participants returned from the function that the weather worsened. The Prime Minister has also departed for Islamabad shortly ago. It was very fast, due to the weather error, the helicopter helicopter lost the balance of the helicopter and other guests. The Islamist pilot took the helicopter after sharp hesitation. It is said that all passengers including pilots are safe and are waiting for passengers to travel.

In the helicopter, Federal Minister of Water Resources Faisal Woda, Chairman WAPDA, were also present. Clearly, Prime Minister Imran Khan laid a foundation of the construction work of Mohmand Dam, Dam will be constructed at the location of Munda Headquarters on Dam River.

The dam, which will be costing Rs 291 billion, will have capacity to store 12 lakh acres of water, which will generate 800 megawatts of electricity. Mohmand Dam River Swat is being constructed at the location of Munda Headquarters, which is situated at Mohmand District 37 miles north of Peshawar. The height of the dam will be 213 meters, 698 degrees 82 feet high, the right and left-to-canal system will be able to cultivate a total of 16667 acres of land in Mohmand.
With the construction of Mohmand Dam, Charsadda and Naushera districts will be protected from seasonal floods, this dam will be completed by 5 years ie, 2024. Prior to this, Prime Minister Imran Khan attended the Valley Valley Swaza Swimming Pool Festival, where he saw the skills performed by different forces. Prime Minister Imran Khan was greeted by Frontier Corps on the occasion, he also distributed prizes to those performing well.
Prime Minister Imran Khan, Army Chief General Qamar Javas Bajwa, Minister for Water Resources Faisal Woda, former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, officials and local officials attended a functioning ceremony of the Mohmand Dam Hydropower Project. Addressing the occasion, the former Chief Justice thanked the people who provided land for D, saying that there was no sacrifice for the dam to give land.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the judiciary does not work to take measures to build dam in the country, but Mian Saqib Nisar took these steps due to non-meditation of rulers. Speaking during the ceremony, Prime Minister Khan lauded former Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar to launch the Dam Fund. He said that Prime Minister visited Pakistan Valley Valley, which is a valley where British could not even rule the government, and there had to be defeated. ‘We have to develop our country like China, as China has developed its country.’ .


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