Federal Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhary said that Faisal Wada should not be taken seriously, Faisal Wada said that the killing of 5000 people will be done in another Parwan, people think that the five thousand people will be executed. I will not be there, unfortunately, they did not read the date.
He said in a private TV program, that it is important to see who is responsible for the issue during Prime Minister’s speech. We do not know the inquiry about the Prime Minister’s address. Fad Chaudhary said that there are people in the assembly which also support the support of the Marriage. The difference between the problem of religion is minor, the society is divided, the distribution of society is harming us.

Fad Chaudhary said that all the people think that the five thousand people will be hanged in this, we will not be there, and all other institutions will be there. They do not live in a big sense of contemporary society, then it does not live on five thousand. They can be five to fifteen and fifty. However, they did not read history. He said that Faisal Vada, who hangs 5,000 people, will be done in any other way.
However, such things should not be taken seriously. According to Federal Minister for Water Resources, Faisal Wuda said that Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is going to be soon. Ishaq Dar, Ali Imran, Salman Shahbaz Malik, fled from Malik, Nawaz Sharif’s two sons, Mufoor and daughter were on bail. The country was better So why all these people are in jail or in jail, cases on the PPP were made in the era of the N League.
He said that if 5000 people were hanged on hanging, everything would be fine. Faisal Wada said that the jail has been reduced for all these forms, people will ask them where they have taken 30 thousand billion rupees, where 65 years of the economy destroyed today. We are asking them today. The Prime Minister, Imran Khan, gave the security of Khaled’s security share from his pockets, but a former prime minister tarried to his wife, who gave the necklace to Prime Minister Zikri to his wife. Will do it
The federal minister said that if the elite class is accountable then the country will look forward, look at his financial situation before coming to the government, Naseisa Shah and his father took Uzir Baloch for 80 crore rupees in the dentists, But we are making calculations and questions with us. They lend on Malik, now we are talking about fixing, challenging property prove to be leaving politics, allegations of untrue property on social media are false.


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