Fast bowler Mohammad Amir was unable to play for the last four matches in the series against England against chicken purse and now it is doubtful to join his first match in the World Cup.

The cricket world will start today with England and South Africa, while Pakistan and West Indies will be competing tomorrow in the second match.

According to the sources, the national team will face the fast bowler Mohammad Aamir in the field against West Indies.

Mohammad Amir has asked for some time to complete the match with Coach Mickey Arther so that he can show the best performance in the forthcoming matches.

In such a way, team management has also allowed Mohammad Amir to play against West Indies.

However, May 31 will be included in the match played against West Indies at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on May 31.

It is clear that after performing 3-16 performances in India at the ICC Champions Trophy in Oval on 18 June 2017, Mohammad Amir’s star is in circulation and so far he has only taken five wickets in the 15-day match.


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