For the start of Ramadan the same day, the Religious Affairs Ministry to speed up the efforts to approve the resolutions in provincial assemblies.

Federal Ministry of Religious Affairs started establishing contacts at the provincial level for Ramadan and Eid on the same day so that the resolution should be approved in provincial assemblies and drafted by the federal cabinet. It can be legalized. The Ministry of Religious Affairs has also become active in celebrating Ayudur Ramadan, and the Ministry has also drafted drafting legal support from the provinces.
The Ministry of Religious Affairs, Religious Ben Harmony, drafted the draft of the new legislation related to Rawait-e-Halal, which has been said to be resolved by provincial assemblies to decide whether the moon is seen or seen under the rule of the state. Approval is required.

In this draft, it has been said that Sindh Assembly has already approved the resolution for legislation and other provincial assemblies are now required to implement it.

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Pir Noor ul Haq Qadri has issued letters to the Ministers of the rest of the remaining provinces for support of the draft. After the support of the provinces, the bill will be sent to the Federal Cabinet to approve the attitude of Rawait-e-Halal. There is a hope to see the 1440 pilgrimage Ramadan-e-moon moon committee, convened a meeting on May 5, if the moon The first fast will be on May 6, the first day will be held on May 7.



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