Two groups started firing at each other in the Operation Theater

The day is not going to be uncomfortable. Keeping an old woman and making bullying and humility, people seem to know each other. What is more ignorance and what happens in the life of people in the hospital? It should be made upside down and start firing bulletlets on each other. Some such auspicious episode was presented at NHQ Hospital in Nankana Sahib.
In the operational theater, doctors were busy curing some injuries that some others entered and started firing. Those who were first treated at the hospital, they also responded to firing and resulted in firing in four people. But John lost his arms.

Dr. Fahim, a doctor of Nankana Sahib Hospital, is an eyewitness of the incident, he said to the Urdu point, “There was a clash between the two people of the rural area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNankana Sahib, which resulted in the death of some people, while others were injured.”

The injured were brought to the hospital and they were still cautious that the other party also came there with their injured. Twenty-two parties face fire, they opened fire on each other. As a result of fires, the fear of the hospital Spread. Nurses and doctors escaped alive. Ladies and nurses left the house immediately, while MS and Commissioner arrived at the spot and police reached.
Dr. Fahim said that it would be a lot of ignorance and what would happen when people came to the hospital, and did not come to life by firing and killing each other. The good doctors in Malik are already less and the atmosphere of fear Because they are compelled to leave the country. If such incidents continue to happen, no good doctor will be willing to stay and serve in Pakistan.
The government should take strict notice of such type of incidents and criminals should be punished so that such type of incident is not present. Dr. Fehim said that protest against the recent incident is closed today. Will only be served in emergency and if our demands are not met, we will stop serving services in the next day.


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