The officers who work in sensitive institutions are monitored, even if their papers are kept out, the penalties given in the military were carried out in a period of a Raheel Sharif and now General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Comment in the private TV program

Lieutenant General (R) Amjad Shoaib, said that the first time a severe punishment has been taken, the accountability of the army continues, the supervisory officers of the working institutions are monitored, their paper Even if there is a stay, the punishment will be punished, the penalties given in the army are not brought out, a general rally, General Raheel Sharif and now General Qamar Javaid declared the sentences during the time of Baja, the confidence of the nation would be stronger on the army.
He commented on the private television program, saying that the government continues to account for the accountability of the army, but the punishment given twice in the army was announced regularly. An officer involved in the NLC case during the period of General Raheel Sharif The sentences were heard, and one now General Qamar Bajwa has confirmed the sentence as Chief of three officers.

Otherwise, the sentences in the army are not described, because the fear is that the trends that are inside the army if they find the enemy, they are afraid of harm.

But trying to get rid of things like contact with intelligence agencies. Lt Gen R Amjad Shoaib said that this decision of the Pak Army will further establish the confidence of the nation’s army, which is the punishment and punishment of the army within the army. He said that Major General, till the Colonel Level, The death penalty sentences have also been seen. During the raids in Karachi, when the operation was going on, the soldiers who were caught in the case were sentenced to death and the civilian were discarded.
Amjad Shoaib said that Lieutenant General Rank has suffered severe punishment for the first time. He said that the papers of officers working in sensitive organizations are also punished. These officers have a great deal of views. But once the coordinated enemy reached, then punish the officer then the damage to the country was reached.


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