Egypt’s former president got unconscious in court, after which he died before the hospital arrived.

Egypt’s former president Mohammed Morsi died in court on trial, ex-Egyptian president’s room was unconscious in the court after which he died only before reaching the hospital. According to the details provided by foreign news agencies, Mohammed Morsi, the former Egyptian President, has died. It has been said that Egypt’s former president Mohammed Morsi was hearing a case of spying for Qatar.

After the hearing of the hearing, Muhammad Morsi, who was in the room court, fell down and became unconscious. After becoming unconscious, attempted to take Muhammad Mursi to the hospital immediately, but he had died before the hospital arrived. Muhammad Morsi Revolution was Egypt’s president since 2012 to Egypt. Then Mohammed Morsi was imprisoned in prison by dismissing the result of military rebellion. There were various cases running on Muhammad Marsi, and now he died during a trial.


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