In a Sharjah field, hundreds of precious cars are converted into a mud. The owners of the car were unable to pay a loan and went away from the country after being bankrupt.

In a field near Sharjah near Dubai, a pile of Battley, Ferrari, Range Rover, Rolls Rice, and other precious super and sports cars are becoming dust in the desert soil. Thus the cemetery of cars is considered the world’s most precious Can be given Although many vehicles are in bad condition, their remaining parts may also be sold at a good price.
The intense heat, the dryness of the desert and the desert sand have expressed their love for these cars.

Super car owners are unable to pay loans and have gone abroad due to bankruptcy. In the United Arab Emirates, and especially in Dubai, a severe financial crisis came in 2012. From here, there are many British, American and other people who could not continue their luxurious life, and in this wilderness, the luxury cars left the way that some had keys. Some had left cars at the airport. These people were severely punished and locked up and fled their cars and fled their cars, including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Mustang and other vehicles which had some roam Have been


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