Gold declined to Rs 400 per tonne due to a decrease in the dollar price

Gold has become more cheaper due to the sharp rise in the stock market and the dollar’s price drops down. In the open market, the dollar stock exchange of rupees is 50 paise, the Pakistan stock exchange 100 Index has increased 2100 points in 2 days. On Thursday, business day rose by 944 points to 35,000 581 points.
Stock market increased by 6 percent in 2 days, before the same increase in such a big increase in April 2009, when the main stock market increased by 8% on the same day. The stock market has a positive ending end of 4 days, and the market capitalization has increased to Rs 389 billion in four days. On Thursday, the stock market traded 22 million shares, worth more than Rs 7 billion. Market capitalization increased from Rs 127 billion to trade on Thursday on Thursday. Due to rising up on stock market and price of rupees, gold prices have declined by 400 rupees, and one Taka Gold is Rs 70, 9007 while the Inter Bank has ruped Rs 151 rupees. Earlier, due to the sharp rise in the stock market on Wednesday, gold prices rose at Rs 71300 after the fall of Rs 800 per liter in the Saffraha market, while 10 grams of gold rose 686 rupees and 10 grams of gold was 61,128 rupees. .
On the previous day, KSE 100 Index increased 1036 points in the initial hours of the market, with which 100 index was trading at 3 4 thousand 478 points.


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