Power output crossed the demand. Power Division

The power shortfall in the country has ended. According to the spokesperson of the Power Division, at 8:30 am on Thursday morning the power supply system in the country was 15701 MW and the power generation available in the system was 17500 MW while shortfall Zero. The spokesperson said that only areas where there are losses due to theft and other reasons, the same ratio has increased load management.
Earlier, Pakistanis will be provided 24 hours of electricity this summer. The Minister announced that it will have to load management at the very least in the summer and electricity will be provided to consumers 24 hours. Consumers should be careful about using electricity. According to the spokesperson of the Power Division, the power shortage across the country is zero. The demand for electricity last year was 16020 MW and the production was 17500 megawatt.

Earlier, a report was told that the government has prepared a plan for reducing power load-shedding in Ramazan and giving maximum power to the industry. Two thermal power Jenko thirds and genocide were kept in backup under the project prepared in the light of Prime Minister’s guidance. From here the power generation will be started by looking at the shortfall.
The power generation will be generated from 356 MW electricity and Jinco Forest to Jinko Vine. Water and water level in Mangla and Mangla are already improving and according to an estimation, water level up to Ramadan is better than 4 Electricity production will be done from 6000 MW. According to sources, this is the first such thing in the Government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, which is being done under a regular plan before time, April’s unexpected rainfall and season improvement also contribute to the reduction in loading shedding. Will be


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