The subsidy will be kept for consumers of three hundred units, 216 billion subsidies, will not increase the cost of electricity. Finance Advisor Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh

Federal Advisor Finance, Hafeez Sheikh said that the decision to end subsidy for the rich class would not increase the cost of electricity for consumers using 300 units, adding that 216 billion subscribers will be subscribed for these consumers. Talking to media, he said that for a few years Pakistan’s economic situation was very bad.
The country’s imports and exports had a difference of $ 20 billion. Exports cannot grow in every round in Pakistan. Similarly, foreign debt increased from $ 90 billion. Hafeez Sheikh said that the agreement with the IMF has been fixed after months. IMF’s board will approve the agreement with Pakistan. “IMF’s goal is to help the poor countries,” he said.

He said that IMF will get the US $ 6 billion in three years. Hafeez Sheikh said that Pakistan will get an additional $ 2 billion from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. Hafeez Sheikh said that many issues were not addressed correctly in Pakistan. He said that it is in our benefit to extract taxes from wealthy people and the IMF is also saying.
Subscribers have to end the rich class. In more than a few hours, Hafiz Sheikh said that under IMF conditions, prices will increase in some areas. Electricity prices will not affect consumers using 300 units. Subscribers will be subscribed to Rs 216 billion for consumers under 300 units. He said that while doing a program with IMF, it is a good opportunity to make reforms, increase revenue, collect tax, make the public prosperous. In the last year, we will bring reforms. The IMF agreement should be used for reforms and structural changes. It is expected that Pakistan will have this final package with the IMF.


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