After finishing the subsidy and raising tax net, the IMF forced the government to knee

Finally, bring government efforts to color and we succeed in getting a loan from the IMF. The completion of the agreement at the level of staff between Pakistan and the World Financial Fund is expected today, which is expected to be a part of the two sides during the period of two years. The rupees are pleased to finish the tax exemption. In both sides, the sides discussed the financial crisis of the US $ 11 billion on the financial year of 20-2019.
Under the agreement, the government will start financing tax exemption in the financial year 20-2019 budget, which is equivalent to about 350 billion rupees. Apart from this, the two sides also expressed satisfaction. Pakistan will increase electricity and gas prices for consumers in the next budget.

In addition, it was compromised that the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) will be made independent and the government will minimize interference for popular decisions facilitating the public.

Both sides also agreed to take various measures to increase exchange reserves. According to the finance ministry official, the IMF had previously stressed that the current financial crisis was $ 4-6 billion. However, it was agreed later that under the IMF program the financial deficit will remain up to $ 8 billion in the next fiscal year. With this, the IMF team directed the government for financial adjustment Further tax measures should be taken in the next budget, it is clear that the budget will be started after completion of the contract at the staff level. I will be announced to implement the steps to leave the public on the basis of the inflation


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