This year, 30 Dead Gray Wheels were flown on Washington’s beaches. This year’s annual number of wheel killings is the highest in the past two decades. Unfortunately, Marine officials feel that the bodies of more wheel flies come on the beach too. Will be After this horrific prediction, the National Oshakov and Atmospheric Ed Administration (NOA) has appealed to the people to allow fishermen to settle their coastal property.

Otherwise, the NOA does not have enough space where the fish can be placed.
Accepting the NOA’s application means that people allow their property to fall on the gray for months. The length of 40 feet long, the Wheel takes several months to roll out completely.

Yet the NOA application has accepted only a couple of near the Portland, Mario Renaissance and Stephen Verwau.

Vegetables are a veterinary doctor. He said that for the fish would be very interesting to see the flowering road, they want to see what kind of insects of the fish attracts. They said that by supporting NOA they Wheel roses can be seen on their own property on their property.
The body of the Gray Wheel was found at a distance of five miles from the Wagg’s house.
When it was seen by tapping it, plastic pieces and el grassroots found out of it. El Gross is not the food of the Gray Wheel, but it seems that the foods were also filled with food.
70 deadly grass wheels in the western coast of Washington, California, Oregon, and Alaska have flowed on the beaches. This is a huge threat to the government.
Mario Rura says that the flowering of the wheel does not become more intriguing. He said that he was experimenting with lemon mixtures, which would reduce the stomach process. They hope that other people will also let the wheel roll out on their coastal property


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