Little girl tired off and told her father, House owner threatens her father to prisons her daughter

The owner of the house has been abusing the employee for two years. Abhishek Balak said to his father and told the father, demonstrating the findings of the accused while threatening to pass the father to the infected child. I have been told that the earth did not sprinkle the sky, the low-poor employee had been conscious of the consciousness of the country for two years.
Komal daughter of Mohammad Azhar, 13years of age, worked for the last two years in the Johar Town area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLahore. Malik Malik has been raped for two years of sex abuse. The mother of an infant was dead, but finally, after the owner’s behavior, She told everything to her father. On the request of a doctor, the accused worked hard, while working with his own policeman, making a video of confession of the child and his father by stealing the body from violence and acid. Enter the FIR.

Lahore High Court lost the father’s daughter honorable. The poor father, when the police station was lodged to the FIR in the FIR with his wife, he would push him out. Mulzim threatened his father’s father and “In return for the money that I have taken on the case, I will force the child to put you and your motorcycle will be taken away.”
It has been said in the media report that the infected father has touched the law of every law, but no one heard it. He said that if we do not get justice, then I will burn myself in front of the Governor House. On the other hand, the accused says that all the charges are unconstitutional and they are being accused only. I am innocent, I have all the evidence.


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