To strengthen Pakistan, become part of the dollar campaign, Hamza Ali Abbasi

There is no doubt that once a dollar has put Pakistan rupees four times in charity. Increase in the rupee of rupees in the country increased awareness in the country, and some meanwhile people stunned the economy of the country while storing dollar reserves. But at the same time, the scholars gathered the dollar together with the government The fate took place on the people, and along with this, the Pakistani people also became a peace-loving wall to support their government and support the drowning economy.
The dollar hit campaign began with a vigorous start and the price of the dollar started falling within two days. Most people started returning money after starting the currency.

Concerning the same campaign, Wanker Hamza Ali Abbasi, a famous actor, tweeted on his social media account, wrote, “I do not have any dollar but I have mother and sister. I am proud to tell that my mother and sister today Pakistani rupees have been converted to rupees back to the dollar.

So I request you all to blow up the dollar and pay the money to Pakistani rupees so that you can play the best role in the strengthening of the global economy for increasing the value of Pakistani rupees. “Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Twitter The media was wrapped well and praised. The same passion, if every Pakistani’s heart is in the heart, Pakistan will start counting in very soon developed countries.
Although Pakistanis are very passionate and willing to give every sacrifice for this country, some informative and opportunist conscience sellers also work on the intention of hurting and weakening the country, but those people always eat mouth Got it. If the dollar campaign is going on in the same way, the value of Pakistani rupees will soon increase.


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