There will be no compromise on the authority of law, parliament, and parliament

The NL and the PPP have decided like continuing the aggressive policy against the government. That is why the two parties appear to be criticized by government members and prime ministers. Sometimes the budget is criticized In the inquiry commission for a loan going for ten years. Any chance, the opposition government thinks it is a duty to get the right hand.
Last week, PML-N spokesperson Mary Aurangzeb criticized the Prime Minister Imran Khan while saying that Imran will make as much commission as commission, you will be called, vote thief and puppet Prime. In his statement, Mary Aurangzeb says When will the ‘High Power Inquiry Commission’ be? Do not let Imran Khan threaten, tell the date? Imran should make the same commission as commission, there will be no compromise on the rule of law, the law and the parliament.

Mir Aurangzeb criticized Imran Khan and his sister, saying that Imran made an inquiry commission to find out what ‘sources were’, which Alma Baiji bought illegal assets of a billionaire? What are your income and assets? How do you pay a million rupees? Imran, also make an inquiry commission, to investigate how the growth rate in the past 10 months was half and half times. Create a commission to find out what happens to one crore jobs, 50 lakh houses and dam funds, you will not make one 100 commission on your clients, besides this, you will not forget to make a commission for your mental examination.
In addition to the last 10 years, Imran also included an inquiry of 5 billion rupees last 10 months.


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