In 9 districts of Bengkulu, flood and landslides have been severely damaged, where more than 13 thousand people are displaced-officials

Flood and land sliding in Indonesia’s Sumatra, 17 people have died and thousands of displaced people have been displaced, while many buildings, roads, and bridges have also been damaged. According to the report, the local administration said that flood and land sliding in nine districts of the province of Bangkok has been severely damaged, where more than 13 thousand people are displaced while hundreds of buildings, bridges, and roads have been damaged.

According to National Disaster Agency spokeswoman Sotopo Nazareth, the flood effects can increase, while flood-affected people have been injured. If rain rains continue, landslides and floods can come further. On the latest, he said that due to lack of sanitation, due to lack of sanitation, the secondary crisis has begun due to lack of infection and clean water. ‘Pictures and videos obtained from effective areas can be seen in In some areas of the province, the flood is entering the river.
The relief work is being done by the government, and caches and shelters have been arranged for the victims, where approximately 13 thousand victims have been kept, while relief workers are engaged in efforts with boats to reach the affected areas. Sotopho Nakhroho said the roads have been damaged due to which there is a problem facing relief goods, but the work continues to restore the roads.
It is believed that Indonesia has a slope of land sliding and monsoon rainfall in Monsoon season, where there is heavy rain during October and April. Indonesia is one of the few of the world’s most populous people who often live under destructive zones, floods, and tsunami. “There was a flood in several areas, including capital Jakarta, where at least 2 people were killed and almost 2 Thousands of homes were damaged. Last month, 50 people were killed due to the worst flood in the eastern province of Papua, officials said that at least 70 people were injured and 15 missing while flooding due to difficulties reaching the disaster area I’m sorry to add more.


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