Our Pilots are specializing in flying flights at nighttime ‘Indonesian Indonesian Airlines’

In Indonesia, warriors fly wild to fast. By performing flights above the population in Java Island, perform Ramadan work around Ramadan throughout the island. Aircraft fills low flights. People from their noise are awakened by sleep. Indonesian is the largest country in the southwest of Asia.
It consists of 17508 Islands. According to population, it is considered the world’s largest country in relation to the world’s fourth and Muslim population. Indonesia has more than 50% population in Java. This is a founder of the ASEAN Group member country G20. According to global purchase, the world’s 15th and total nationally international economic power are considered.

Before the Fajr, the Muslims are responsible for carrying out a siege for the Indian Ocean. The Swiss Air Force spokeswoman Susan Users said that our airbikes are specializing in flying flights at night. It is not permissible to fly. This tradition has been here for us since the years. The spokesman further added that the purpose of keeping this tradition alive is to strengthen Indonesian people and air relations. He acknowledged that there are many people who do not like the noise of the planets to fight for the sake of the Syrians.


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