The most number of victims is children of less age

AIDS has been spread throughout Sindh as well, for which ten thousand people test and their screening continues. As a result, more than five hundred HIV HIV patients were vaccinated. The majority of the victims in the victims are children. According to the media report, there was a blood screening of 10,664 people in Larkana, out of which 448 people got an HIV test passage.
The victims included 359 children, 60 male, and 29 women. On the other hand, during the blood screening of seven hundred people in Huntingburg, 23 people were infected with HIV, including 17 children, three men, and three women. Even three people of HIV came to HIV in the village of Thal. While three people have been suffering from HIV in Naushero Feroz.

In a report, the media report said seven cases in Khairpur, one in Sehwan Sharif, came 4 and an HIV case in Kashmore.

The increase in the number of people affected by HIV throughout the province has made the citizens more concerned. The doctors involved in the AIDS control program designed to protect AIDS are engaged in treating HIV-affected people. It is clear that cases related to AIDS in Larkana revealed that there was a hand to become a doctor who became a devil from the Messiah, and he was taking the revenge of suffering from AIDS. A patient suffering from a resident of AIDS in Larkana, adding used syringe to 45 people, including 25 children, was diagnosed with AIDS. After which the police arrested the mental patient and filed a case against him.


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