New Delhi: Indian army denounced former military officer, who was participating in the Garage war and transferred them to the concentration center.

According to the Indian media reports, for the thirty years, the Indian serving officer, Mohammad Sanaullah, declared the Tribunal as foreign and moved them to the concentration center. In the limits of the Boko police station in Kamran district, an Indian city, Mohammad Sanaullah resident of village Kolkata, after being declared as a foreigner, was shifted to the concentration center, including the family.

The decision issued by the Tribunal had said that Sanaullah should prove to be Indian before 25 March 1971 and also provide evidence that he was born in India.

According to the Indian media report, Sanaullah was resigned from the post of Army at the Army Electronics & Mechanical Engineer (EME) house at the age of 52, in August 2017. He said in a statement given to Tribunal that he was posted in the north-west areas of Jammu and Kashmir, but he did not have birth certificates due to the transfer of accommodation.

Police officer Sajjad Siki confirmed that the former military officer was arrested and said, “In the light of Tribunal’s decision, we arrested them and now they will stay in the concentration center”.

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He said that in order to implement legal decisions, the police proceeded under the procedure and transferred Sanaullah to the Golpura concentration center, including the family.

Lawyers and families of the former military officer said that Sanaullah is an Indian citizen and his parents’ patriotic friendship was presented to the Tribunal, which has clear evidence of being Indian. The lawyer said that ‘Saifullah has also submitted his oath in the Tribunal, which he was recruited to the army in 1987. Orally he told the year 1987 when he was recruited in the army, but by the tribunal officers, he was mistakenly recorded in 1978. He said we did not oppose it because the corps had been signed on paper.

Talking to the foreign news agency, the former police officer said his heart was broken by the Tribunal’s decision because he served the country with respect to which he was arrested as treason.

Talking to reporters before going to the camp, Sana Ullah said, “I am an Indian citizen whose legal documents are available to me. He said that he served as an officer of the engineering department till 30 years (1987-2017) in the country’s army and was awarded the President’s Republic in 2014.

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Sanaullah’s daughter talking to the media, saying that her father presented the necessary documents to prove the court to her Indian citizenship, including the voter’s card and native property documents. The family of a former military officer has announced that they will conduct Tribunal’s decision in the High Court.


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