The application is currently pending. Foreign Office

India has requested for opening air boundaries from Pakistan. According to the Pakistani Foreign Office, this application is currently pending in Pakistan and it is still final to decide the final decision. The Indian government has requested Pakistan to allow Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ship to pass through Pakistan’s air limits on June 13. “In this case, the Indian High Commission has sent a formal request.

However, an Indian High Commissioner, responding to the question, said that these are operational information that they can not share. Indian Prime Minister Modi will attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Bishkek next week. Imran Khan will also participate in this important meeting, but the meeting between the two heads has not yet been resolved.
It was believed that Pakistan had aired the boundaries for Indian Air Force Sushma Swaraj this month in May this year when he was going to Bishkek to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s Foreign Minister’s meeting. According to the Foreign Office spokesperson in Pakistan, at this time India was asked to use its air boundaries to avoid long standing.
It is clear that Pakistan’s Air Force in Plaza in the occupied Kashmir in February, India’s air strike due to tension in both the countries, the suicide attacks on Balakot, bombarding Indian planes, and then Pakistan’s Indian warplanes. The boundaries were closed for all commercial and private flights. Shortly after this, other air boundaries of the country have been operational, however, with the Indian border, the eastern airline is still closed for air traffic.
The Civil Aviation Authority spokesman said that Pakistan’s eastern airline will be closed by June 14. Those restrictions, which have been the most influenced by the South-Asia flights to Europe, have been used by Indian Air Force. As a result, the expenses of air companies have increased, the flight period has also increased, and many flights that were non-stop now have to be kept for fuel, which has more expenses. The closest to this closure is being the neighboring countries of Pakistan whose short-term flights are now going through a long way.


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